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Bewitched by His Fated Mate by Selena Blake

Bloody hell. How inconvenient. Werewolf Byron Adwell prides himself on his hard-won self-control. He’s hours away from beginning the most important job of his life. What seemed like a harmless drink with his new team suddenly feels like fate is meddling. His restraint is tested like never before the moment he spots her. The gorgeous green-eyed, raven-haired witch has a magnetic energy that calls to him like a siren. She walked straight out of his dreams into the exclusive New Orleans club for paranormals. What’s more, she makes him want to forget all his training, his plans, his duty. This can’t be happening. Not here. Not now. Not with the lives of the six resident Stigward Guardians in Byron’s hands. His time, focus and dedication must be on them, on his work. He absolutely, positively does not have time for a mate.
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