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Beneath a Billion Stars by Julie Carobini

A workaholic, a free spirit, and the dreams that may help them find their way to each other ... Priscilla won't let betrayal break her spirit. After a chance friendship brings her to Sea Glass Inn for work in their new spa, she pursues the art of joie de vivre in the foggy coastal town. Still, something is missing. When Wade meets Priscilla at his ex-girlfriend's wedding, he's unimpressed. And distracted. The only thing the successful businessman pursues these days is his latest deal--and the secret charity he helps run. When Priscilla stumbles upon Wade's mysterious mission, she insists on becoming involved. But Wade has a billion reasons for not wanting another woman in his life ... platonic as that relationship may be. As they each search for purpose--and perhaps a second chance at love-- will the stars uncover the truth that has been there all along? Read all four books in the popular Sea Glass Inn series: Walking on Sea Glass - 1 Runaway Tide - 2 Windswept - 3 Beneath a Billion Stars - 4
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