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Beats of the Heart by Charli B. Rose

Before they can have a second chance, they have to live through their first love… and heartbreak. Izzy ~ We shouldn’t have taken the risk. We should’ve stayed just friends. Best friends. But only friends. But our hearts were foolish. I’d loved him forever. So, three years ago when he offered what I always longed for, I grabbed it with both hands. But I couldn’t hold on tight enough. The beauty of love blinded me. I didn’t see it coming. Didn’t expect to lose everything. My friend. My heart. My art. My privacy. All of them casualties of love lost. Dawson ~ Every beat of my heart sang her name. She was my muse. Without her, there’d be no music. I was riding the high of fame and fortune. I had it all—status, money, her. Until the thing I’d always wanted cost me the thing I’d always needed. Love’s song drowned out all the warnings. Now she was gone. So was the music. So was my will. I was left with only silence. What happens when two hearts sharing one beat fall out of sync? NOTE: This is part ONE of Dawson and Izzy’s story. Their story is complete and continues in Notes of the Heart and Songs of the Heart. Lovers of rocker romance will enjoy this debut novel.
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