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Be Mine in Vegas by Cristina Ryan

What happens in Vegas when high stakes gamble with two broken hearts in this sweet & clean romance?♥♥ A superficial woman who thinks a bet to make a man fall for her will be easy winnings? Amazing how this trip to Vegas can change the heart. . .for the better. Gorgeous model Eva is only looking for fun after being burned in the past. A getaway in Vegas on Valentine's weekend is the perfect place to find it. When she discovers that handsome and serious businessman Derek lives in her hometown, she bets her friend she can get him to loosen his tie for a long term relationship. A fake boyfriend is just the thing to spice up her dating life. After being hurt in the past, Derek swore off relationships and buried himself in work. Out of politeness, he agrees to be Eva's tour guide. But when he finds himself drawn to her unique charm, will he unlock his heart for something more than just business? And when Eva's gameplay changes into a genuine desire for love, does she risk gambling her chance away when she tells him about the bet in this clean & wholesome romance? The Clean Holiday Romance Series is filled with recurring characters and all kinds of romance: friends to lovers, opposites attract, second chances, and more! Holidays are a festive time, but there’s something extra special about love during the holidays in Malibu Bay. . .
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