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Barefoot and Dumped! by Chelle Pimblott

What would you do if your boyfriend dumped you at your parent's 30th wedding anniversary party?LEXI I know I should be more upset about my break up, but the truth is I'm more annoyed that he did it before I could and that he did at my parent's party! Who the hell does that? Meeting Gabe should be the highlight of that horrid day, but I don't remember meeting his handsome face. Gabe Am I annoyed that Lexi hasn’t called me yet? Yeah, I am, but I guess there could be a million reasons that she hasn’t. I'm just glad I was there to make sure Lexi and her friends were safe on their night out. When we bump into each other a week later, I get my explanation as to why she hasn't called. She doesn't remember me! When they meet for a third time by chance, will Lexi stay and get to know Gabe, or will she walk away again?
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