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Bad Angel by Julie Light

One stupid hell-portal I can’t close. A super-hot movie star I can’t get out of my head. A whole lot of demons I can’t de-possess fast enough. Being a demon-hunting angel in Hollywood just got a lot more complicated. I’ve spent weeks trying to forget about Phoenix X, the movie star who might be an angel and the one woman I can’t be with. I’ve hunted demons, consulted with priests, hired witches and psychics. I’ve picked up random women on the Sunset Strip. Now a high school buddy shows up at my P.I. office, asking for my help. His wife, another old friend, mysteriously disappeared. I can’t say no to him, or to finding her. And, wouldn’t you know it, demons are behind that, too. What I don’t know yet, is that things are about to get a lot more complicated. And bloody. And covered in feathers. Bad things are heading my way. Demon pool parties, mystical anti-angel drugs, illicit make-out sessions, and guns, a lot of guns… and I really hate guns. Bottom line, all those hell-portal demons are about to fight back. If I don’t get better, fast, at using my angelic powers, I might not make it out alive. * BAD ANGEL is book #2 in the Angels in L.A. series, a gritty angel urban fantasy, ideal for fans of K.F. Breene, Shayne Silvers, Patricia Briggs, C.N. Crawford, Linsey Hall
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