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An Alpha in a Pear Tree by Casey Morgan

He needs my help. And we both want each other.But we're from two completely different worlds. I'm about to lose my virginity to a complete jerk. But right then I get a letter in the campus mail. It not like the ones my aunt has been sending me all this time. She lives in the forest my mom and I left when I was a baby. I don't remember her but I know she has perfect handwriting. And this envelope looks like someone clawed the address on it. Once I open it, I find out it's from a guy who lives in the forest. I've never met him but he needs my help. He says the whole freaking forest needs my help! But my strict dad has always forbidden me from going there. Along with a lot of other things. It's why my aunt and I always wrote instead of meeting up. And why it's been hard to find someone to give my virginity to! Everyone has always been so afraid of my dad. Including me. But not anymore; now it's time to live my own life. Suddenly I feel compelled to go save my baby cousin. I just hope this stranger can be my guide like he says. Soon he wants to guide me in a lot more than forest ways. I'm glad I didn't give up my first time to that @sshole from school! But I start to whether wonder this hot man is even human. And not just because what he does to my body is out of this world. I think he has answers about my past and a key to my future. But he has to help me rescue the baby for any of us to survive. Can he help me find out who I am, unlocking the needed spells? Or does his magic only work on my body and not my mind? An Alpha in a Pear Tree is the first book in the Bethel Forest Shifters reverse harem paranormal fantasy romance series. It features a handsome alpha wolf shifter and a curvy, sassy virgin. It has a high heat level of steam mixed with a paranormal fantasy/suspense plot line and a happily for now ending; the entire series will have a happily ever after for Marilyn and everyone involved in her reverse harem.
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