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Alien Mate by Penelope Woods

Once they claim you, you become their mate for life.
 I am Anna, a junior officer working under the command of Earth Federation. My job is to patrol the most dangerous regions of the planet. I didn't plan to fall in love with an enemy alien...
 First, I lose power to my headset. My emergency lights cut out completely. Darkness surrounds the entire jungle.
 And then I hear him. A sharp clicking noise comes from above my head. He snakes his arms around my body. Hot breath tickles my ear, and a deep growl resonates near my neck. When the syringe hits, I’m done for.
 I’m taken and auctioned to the highest bidder. Within minutes, all of my data is erased and systematically expunged. I no longer exist.
 No one is coming to save me. And I know what happens to me next…
 In darkness, he rises over me like a tidal wave. I am abducted. I am lost to the world. But he promises to save my life.
 I am his mate.
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