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Accidentally Matched by Cathryn Brown

Rachel needs to fly to a small town in Alaska. Handsome pilot Noah is going that direction. If only a matchmaker didn’t try to help.Rachel’s never chosen her own path in life. She’s in Alaska to bring her brother back to manage the family business. The business she wants to run. But she does what she’s asked. Noah’s an Alaska pilot who’s more interested in his airplane than romance. His brothers and parents are important to him, though. And his matchmaking mother is at it again. A short airplane ride turns into an adventure. Rachel and Noah will have to protect their hearts. Matchmakers don’t always win. Or do they? If you enjoy Hallmark movies and sweet romance with a dash of fun, Accidentally Matched and the Alaska Matchmakers series may be right for you. Buy Accidentally Matched now to find out if the match worked! You may have met Noah’s brother, Adam, in Crazy About Alaska. Adam has four brothers and each will find love in the Alaska Matchmakers Romances. This is a standalone book which is part of a series. It’s clean and wholesome with no sex or swearing. The author is from Alaska, so she knows the real Alaska. Alaska Dream Romances Falling for Alaska - Jemma & Nathaniel Loving Alaska - Bree & Michael Merrying in Alaska - Leah & Ben Crazy About Alaska - Holly & Adam Alaska Matchmakers Romances (Adam's Brothers) Accidentally Matched - Noah & Rachel Finally Matched - Mark & Maddie Hopefully Matched - Jack & Aimee Surprisingly Matched - Andy & Samantha
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