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I pride myself on my predictable life. But when I’m tempted by my enigmatic boss, there is nothing routine about what happens next. Years ago, my boyfriend abandoned me when I needed him the most. But I picked up the pieces and moved on. For years I built my career, but then in one terrible week, I lost my job, and my apartment. An old friend took pity on me, and offered me a job, and a place to stay. In college, he was my geeky study buddy, but times have changed. Now the geek is gone, and Gavin is a man who knows what he wants. He’s alpha, confident and rich. As his personal assistant, I’m trying to look, and not touch. But each day, keeping my hands to myself gets a little harder. I cannot resist this gorgeous billionaire, no matter how much I should. My handsome boss sweeps me up, and takes me to his bed. This job is temporary, but I never want to leave. How can I work when all I want to do is tear off his suit and tie? But he’s been holding onto a shocking secret. And now, I have no choice but to leave him and his company behind. And then hope… Will Gavin work at ‘us’ and give our love the second chance that it needs?
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