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A Mate to Treasure by Riley Storm

Sometimes, the real prize can’t be measured in bars of gold… When a member of a reclusive rich family destroys her house, Emma Starling isn’t just looking for money to repair it. She wants the hunky stranger to know that he can’t just buy his way out of trouble. The local cops don’t seem to care, but she isn’t going to stop until he understands that there are consequences for actions. Even if that means launching a lawsuit against one of the most powerful families in Five Peaks. Asher Aterna just wants the problem to go away. He has other things to worry about. Dragon things. He’s going to have to find a way to get the strong-willed, determined, and more than slightly gorgeous woman to back down. Even if that means spending some of his own personal fortune to do so. That could be a problem though… After the two agree to settle out of court, they arrive to find Asher's treasure vault empty. Words fly as both accuse the other of being untruthful. He thinks she stole his gold. She thinks he lured her out there to silence her. Forced to work together to find out what happened, the pair slowly come to realize that maybe, just maybe, they’ve misjudged each other. If they want to explore their new feelings, however, they’re going to have to deal with the real thief first…
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