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A Lively Companion by Corrie Garrett

Lizzy Bennet is more insulted than flattered when Lady Catherine asks her to be a temporary companion to Miss de Bourgh. Yes, a visit to Tunbridge Wells would be an interesting diversion, but at what cost? When her father unexpectedly supports the plan, wanting Lizzy to gain a wider acquaintance and attracted by the ease of the opportunity, Lizzy reluctantly submits. Thus she stumbles feet first into a summer of misunderstandings, revelations, and unexpected proposals. When Mr. Darcy realizes Lizzy is not going home as planned, he feels foolish for nearly proposing due to an arbitrary deadline. Determined to make up his mind one way or another, he accompanies the party to the Wells. While Anne dutifully drinks the waters, Lizzy finds herself befriending Darcy's sister and cousins. Lizzy can't help feeling that this is a family she wouldn't mind being a part of... except for Mr. Darcy! A Lively Companion is a traditional variation on Pride and Prejudice, celebrating the humor, poignancy, and surprising inconsistency of life.
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