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A Heart that Yearns by Laura L. Walker

They're both trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Will their mutual attraction for each other be enough to build a future together? Looking for solace now that her loveless marriage has finally ended, recent college graduate Joselyn Evron Kearns knows she isn't going to find it living with her family again. Especially since her father's demands have increased in connection with his growing popularity as a TV chef. When he complains to the producers of his show about the poor quality of produce their supplier keeps sending, Joselyn heads off to Georgia to discover what the real problem is, hoping the slower pace and beauty there will restore her spirit and help her hide from the paparazzi. What she doesn't expect to find is a handsome single dad down on his luck. Or for her heart to start yearning for something that can never be. Caleb Myers never knew fatherhood could be so exhausting. Sure, he loves his two little boys, but having a wife to help him shoulder the responsibility of caring for them and his ailing mother would be a great blessing. Only, he's not sure if his heart can take another devastating loss, and a loving, long-lasting marriage seems like an impossible dream. Especially when lovely but obviously well-to-do Josie catches his attention. There's no way a love match between them could last. So why does his heart keep telling him otherwise? Does he have any hope of making Josie his Georgia Peach? Enjoy this sweet Christian contemporary novella, which shares the beginnings of the Evron siblings' love matches. Lonely hearts will find love, and hearts that have lost hope will grow new wings in this wonderful faith-filled series!
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