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The tyranny of light has ruled for a thousand years... Now it ends. Max's coworkers treat him like hot garbage and his manager is a superficial dolt. It might be worth it if he made any money, but he doesn't. Unfortunately for him, his fate was sealed before he was even born and it's way worse than working part-time in a coffee shop. Confronted out of the blue by a cackling demonic entity, like a lot of things in his life, Max doesn't take it seriously. So when the flesh is ripped from his bones and he's hurled, screaming, into a fantastic and terrifying new world, he's given every disadvantage that demon can dish out. Realizing that things function suspiciously like a 90s RPG, Max immediately receives two quests: Find the imprisoned girl with the green eyes, and survive. He's not sure which one's worse. A Grim Demise is the opening novel of a brand new litRPG fantasy series by Tim Paulson, author of the Arcane Renaissance fantasy adventure series. This exciting series contains RPG mechanics, status screens, levels, and an obnoxious demon with one big fat eye.
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