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"A beautifully crafted and uplifting romance."Alone in the world except for a brutish guardian and a malodorous betrothed, Miss Matilda Griffin must seek her own future, even if that means employment in the household of a rugged ex-prizefighter with sizeable muscles and doubtless miniscule intellect. Yet one should never judge a man by his well-defined muscles or a lady by her yellow-silk slippers, for beneath both façades lay yearning hearts, shared dreams and a taste for adventure. With scandalous kisses in a midnight carriage, tavern jaunts, whifflers, nobblers and dressing as a nefarious footpad on the prowl, the vocation of governess has never been so exciting… "There are some highly amusing scenes throughout the book, as the couple go on a series of riotous adventures in London, and I was hugely entertained throughout." ('AReadersReview' blog)
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