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A Fiery Whisper by Tamsen Schultz

From the award-winning author of The Windsor Series comes a new enthralling romantic mystery: When murder is just the beginning FBI agent Damian Rodriguez never thought he’d see his former lover, Charlotte Lareaux, again—they’d gone down in flames over a year ago and now lived oceans apart. But when she shows up on his doorstep on Tildas Island in the Caribbean, bleeding and nearly dead, the distance between them suddenly feels trivial. Charlotte has no idea why anyone would want to kill her or her friends, and relying on Damian and his teammates to find those answers is the right thing to do—even if it isn’t easy. But when they discover that a single, simple question set off the events that left her and a friend fighting for their lives, no one believes that’s the end of the story. In fact, they all know it’s just a whisper of things to come.
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