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A Family for Christmas by Rose Pearson

When a penniless woman is gravely injured, she is saved by a handsome Lord and a kind Lady - only to have her chance at a better life threatened by the selfish nephew of her new Lady. After burying her father, known for being a charlatan in their small town, Anna Campbell finds herself penniless, homeless, and alone. Her father’s death - and life - have left her lonely, longing for a home and a true family, but these dreams feel hopeless. With nowhere else to go and simply trying to survive, she sets off for Winchester with the hope of finding work, and eventually her long-lost aunt. On her way, she is injured by a speeding phaeton and falls into a ditch. The handsome, kindly Lord Edward Westerham finds her and takes her to the home of Lady Tremaine, his great aunt. Anna floats in and out of consciousness, but Lady Tremaine and her servants dutifully care for her. As Anna slowly recovers, she and Lady Tremaine find that they have much in common, despite coming from completely different worlds. Soon, Lady Tremaine asks Anna to be her companion and teaches her how to be a lady. Anna feels safe and comfortable with Lady Tremaine, and finds herself falling for her savior, Lord Westerham. But she knows he cannot marry a commoner such as she. However, Anna soon finds an enemy in Lady Tremaine’s unscrupulous nephew, Lord William Comey. Worried that he will be cut from the will in favor of Anna, and in desperate financial straits, Lord Comey becomes determined to destroy her reputation - and Lady Tremaine’s affection. Can Anna overcome the schemes of a cunning conman? Or will she lose her one chance at a proper family and possibly, true love? Other books by Rose Pearson: The Duke’s Daughters Series The Duke’s Daughters: A Sweet Regency Romance Boxset A Rogue for a Lady My Restless Earl Rescued by an Earl In the Arms of an Earl The Reluctant Marquess (Prequel) A Smithfield Market Regency Romance The Smithfield Market Romances: A Sweet Regency Romance Boxset A Rogue’s Flower Saved by the Scoundrel Mending the Duke The Baron’s Malady The Returned Lords of Grosvenor Square The Returned Lords of Grosvenor Square: A Regency Romance Boxset The Waiting Bride The Long Return The Duke's Saving Grace A New Home for the Duke The Spinsters Guild A New Beginning The Disgraced Bride A Gentleman's Revenge A Foolish Wager Love and Christmas Wishes: Three Regency Romance Novellas Mistletow Magic: A Regency Romance
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